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Lady Gaga and Elton partner for Macy's Clothing Line
Wednesday, April 27 2016

Think music-inspired duds, skateboards and even speakers — all in the name of love. Lady Gaga and Elton love bravery.

As a matter of fact, that's the name of their new collaboration in partnership with Macy's. It's called Love Bravery and it's spelled out like this: Gaga and Elton have come together for an exclusive fashion and accessories line that seeks to inspire while benefiting their respective charities, Gaga's Born This Way Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

In a press release announcing the venture, Love Bravery is billed as "a high-spirited, limited-edition line of clothing and accessories that inspire compassion and combat prejudice" that will span several categories including shirts, sweats, outerwear, clutches, backpacks, scarves, beanies, keychains and pins. Oh, and there will be speakers, water bottles and even skateboards for the active set. The line, which falls under Macy's American Icon campaign, features graphic prints and designs that are said to marry both Gaga and Elton's talent and style.

Music is a big influence on many of the items, some of which feature piano prints. There are also plenty of hearts, images of Gaga's face and items emblazoned with her signature claw for all the monsters out in the world.

Love Bravery comes with further fashion cred: the line was created in collaboration with Gaga's sister, Natali Germanotta and her stylist and frequent partner (and fashion designer in his own right) Brandon Maxwell. In a statement, Gaga said: “We need to make the world a kinder and braver place where men and women everywhere are empowered to live with compassion."

Added Elton: “I love the idea of fusing who you are on the inside – your passions and dreams – with what you wear on the outside."

Now where to find all the goods. Love Bravery will be sold exclusively at Macy’s starting this spring (and continuing through August 30, 2016). Gaga and Elton are putting their money where their mouths are too — 25 percent of the purchase price of their line benefits the Born This Way Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

You can also find a sneak peek below.

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Trump wants Elton to perform at his inauguration
Wednesday, April 27 2016

Donald Trump may not have secured the Republican nomination let alone won the Presidential election, but he has already decided he wants Elton to perform at his inauguration, reports the Telegraph.

Elton’s hits are frequently used at Trump rallies with “Rocket Man” and “Tiny Dancer” being particular favourites. But should he win November 2016’s election, he may find securing Elton’s services rather difficult given that the singer has made clear he has not given permission for his music to be used by the Republican front-runner.

A publicist for Elton made clear that he was not backing the property mogul. "Elton's music has not been requested for use in any official capacity by Donald Trump. Any use of his music should not be seen as an endorsement of Donald Trump by Elton."

Elton is one of a number of pop stars to distance themselves from the Trump campaign. Similar sentiments have been voiced by Adele, REM, Neil Young and the Rolling Stones, whose hits including “You can’t always get what you want” have been on the rally playlists. A spokesman for the band said that their permission had neither been sought nor granted for their music to be played.

Mr Trump’s choice of Elton is also likely to annoy some on the conservative religious right who will object to the singer’s homosexuality and have already lambasted the businessman for his “New York” values. He has already come under attack from Ted Cruz, his main Republican opponent, over his opposition to North Carolina’s “bathroom law”, which requires transgender people to use lavatories based on their biological sex. However Mr Trump has said that transgender people should be free to use whichever lavatory they felt was appropriate.

It led to a vitriolic attack add by the Cruz campaign which accused Mr Trump of not only failing to take on the “PC Police” but being one of them.

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    Google removes links on celebrity injunction couple
    Wednesday, April 27 2016

    Google has removed links to articles about the celebrity couple at the centre of an injunction in response to legal requests.

    Searches for the names of either person return notices at the bottom of the page saying results have been removed. Removed entries on both sets of searches are linked to the same legal requests. However, links to a database which records takedown notices go to pages without any information.

    The Daily Mail reported that an online privacy firm claiming to be acting on behalf of the couple had complained about more than 150 links on the search engine. The removal notices are more normally used for taking down links to copyrighted information. They are different to the messages Google posts when it removes links under EU “right to be forgotten” rules. Google declined to comment.

    The notices have appeared just days after a political blogger revealed that he had received legal threats from lawyers after he published the names of the couple. Newspapers and other publishers based in England and Wales remain unable to print the names of the pair after an appeal court ruling upheld an injunction against the Sun, forbidding it from publishing a story about one half of the married pair allegedly having a threesome with another couple.

    The court cited the potential impact on the couple’s young children, and the fact their statements on their marriage were not contradicted by the celebrity’s behaviour. However, although the notices indicate some content has been removed, the search results pages still show numerous articles detailing the story covered by the injunction.

    An appeal against the ruling by the Sun is due to be heard on April 29, 2016.

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    "Wonderful Crazy Year" - 1st Quarter of Results
    Tuesday, April 26 2016

    The "Wonderful Crazy Year" fan survey is in ts 12th week - time to bring you some first results from the first quarter of voting.

    We have made a separate list for the first week ("Wonderful Crazy Night" album) as we didn't want to mix it with the other results as we are actually going to ask for your votes again at the end of the voting period.

    Except for the removal of some answers by multiple voters, no more editing has been done and you can see how different albums and individual recordings have performed on the surveys. Please do not take the average scores as an absolute fact - they only give a good direction as to what the real preference of the fans is.

    Please also note that although you can see the results here so far, the surveys will still stay open! That means that if your votes haven't been counted in here, you can still vote and a full analysis of all survey results will be published in the end! We hope you will answer as many surveys as you can - the more answers we get, the more accurate the results will be!

    "Wonderful Crazy Year" calendar week 6

    Wonderful Crazy Night album voting results:
    Average score for the album (standard edition): 7,47

    Average scores for the recordings:

    1. The Open Chord - 7,99
    2. England And America - 7,74
    3. Blue Wonderful - 7,66
    4. Looking Up - 7,66
    5. A Good Heart - 7,58
    6. Wonderful Crazy Night - 7,52
    7. In The Name Of You - 7,48
    8. Guilty Pleasure - 7,40
    9. Claw Hammer - 7,17
    10. I've Got 2 Wings - 7,15
    11. Tambourine - 7,05
    12. Free And Easy - 7,02
    13. Children's Song - 6,23
    14. No Monsters - 6,17

    "Wonderful Crazy Year" calendar weeks 7-16

    average scores for the albums:

    1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 8,58
    2. Madman Across The Water 8,33
    3. Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player 8,24
    4. Tumbleweed Connection 8,16
    5. 17-11-70 8,08
    6. Elton John - 8,05
    7. Honky Chateau - 7,88
    8. Caribou 7,74
    9. Friends - 6,62
    10. Empty Sky - 6,19

    average scores for the recordings:

    1. Love Lies Bleeding - 9,65
    2. Funeral For A Friend - 9,62
        Harmony - 9,62
    4. Ticking - 9,47
        Your Song - 9,47
    6. High Flying Bird - 9,43
        Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time) - 9,43
    8. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - 9,27
    9. Pinball Wizard - 9,26
    10. Candle In The Wind - 9,24
          Levon - 9,24
    12. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters - 9,21
    13. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 9,19
    14. Your Song [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 9,17
    15. Tiny Dancer - 9,16
    16. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) - 9,13
    17. Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time) - 9,11
    18. Love Lies Bleeding [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 9,04
    19. Funeral For A Friend [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 9,02
    20. Indian Sunset - 8,96
          Sixty Years On [live from 17-11-70] - 8,96
    22. Sixty Years On - 8,94
    23. Burn Down The Mission - 8,92
    24. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,91
    25. Candle In The Wind [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,89
    26. The Bitch Is Back - 8,88
    27. Skyline Pigeon [Piano Version] - 8,85
    28. Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting) [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,84
    29. Burn Down The Mission [live from 17-11-70] - 8,82
    30. Where To Now St. Peter? - 8,78
    31. Bennie And The Jets [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,76
          Madman Across The Water - 8,76
    33. The Greatest Discovery - 8,71
    34. All The Girls Love Alice - 8,70
    35. I've Seen That Movie Too [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,69
    36. The Ballad of Danny Bailey (1909–34) - 8,67
          Blues For My Baby And Me - 8,67
    38. Come Down In Time - 8,65
    39. Roy Rogers - 8,63
    40. All The Girls Love Alice [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,61
          Hercules [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,61
    42. I've Seen That Movie Too - 8,60
    43. Daniel [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,59
    44. Bennie And The Jets - 8,58
    45. Daniel - 8,57
    46. Elderberry Wine [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,56
          Friends - 8,56
    48. Grey Seal - 8,51
    49. The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34) [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,49
    50. Skyline Pigeon - 8,48
    51. This Song Has No Title [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973 - 8,49
    52. Honky Cat [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,47
          Candle In The Wind [Acoustic Mix] - 8,47
    54. Have Mercy On The Criminal - 8,46
    55. Crocodile Rock [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 8,45
          Holiday Inn - 8,45
    57. Crocodile Rock - 8,43
    58. Teacher I Need You - 8,42
    59. Step Into Christmas - 8,40
    60. I Need You To Turn To - 8,39
    61. Border Song - 8,30
          Sweet Painted Lady - 8,30
    63. Hercules - 8,29
    64. Take Me To The Pilot [live from 17-11-70] - 8,25
    65. Elderberry Winde - 8,24
    66. Honky Cat - 8,21
    67. This Song Has No Title - 8,17
    68. Country Comfort - 8,16
    69. The King Must Die - 8,08
    70. Take Me To The Pilot - 8,15
    71. Talking Old Soldiers - 8,14
    72. Bad Side Of The Moon [live from 17-11-70] - 8,13
    73. Madman Across The Water [Original Version] - 8,03
    74. Can I Put You On [live from 17-11-70] - 7,99
    75. Amoreena - 7,97
          Pinky - 7,97
          Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'N Roll) 7,97
    78. Into The Old Man's Shoes - 7,93
    79. My Father's Gun - 7,92
    80. I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself - 7,87
    81. I'm Going To Be A Teenage Idol - 7,86
    82. The Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun - 7,84
          Goodbye - 7,84
    84. Amoreena [live from 17-11-70] - 7,79
          Honky Tonk Women - 7,79
    86. Bad Side Of The Moon - 7,75
    87. Love Song - 7,71
    88. Michelle's Song - 7,66
    89. Rotten Peaches - 7,61
    90. Can I Put You On - 7,59
          Dixie Lily - 7,59
          Salvation - 7,59
    93. Get Back [live from 17-11-70] - 7,57
    94. Razor Face - 7,52
          Son Of Your Father - 7,52
    96. Lady Samantha - 7,50
    97. Grimsby - 7,49
    98. Grey Seal [Original Version] - 7,48
    99. Dirty Little Girl - 7,47
            Social Disease - 7,47
    101. My Baby Left Me [live from 17-11-70] - 7,46
    102. Empty Sky - 7,41
    103. All The Nasties - 7,39
    104. Sick City - 7,38
    105. Mellow - 7,36
    106. Cold Highway - 7,28
    107. Rock And Roll Madonna - 7,27
            Screw You (Young Man's Blues) 7,27
    109. It's Me That You Need - 7,23
    110. Texan Love Song - 7,19
    111. Whenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again) - 7,17
    112. Amy - 7,15
    113. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [live at Hammersmith Odeon 1973] - 7,14
    114. Honey Roll - 7,12
            Midnight Creeper - 7,12
    116. I've Seen The Saucers - 7,08
    117. You're So Static - 7,05
    118. First Episode At Hienton - 7,01
    119. Susie (Dramas) - 6,96
    120. The Cage - 6,95
    121. Jamaica Jerk-Off - 6,87
    122. Slave - 6,76
    123. Jack Rabbit - 6,69
    124. Just Like Strange Rain - 6,57
    125. No Shoe Strings On Louise - 6,54
    126. Seasons Reprise - 6,52
    127. Sisters Of The Cross - 6,50
    128. Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?) - 6,48
    129. Slave [Alternate Take] - 6,47
    130. Gulliver - 6,44
    131. Stinker - 6,33
    132. All Across The Havens - 6,32
    133. Western Ford Gateway - 6,25
    134. Solar Prestige A Gammon - 6,23
    135. Lady What's Tomorrow? - 6,22
    136. Theme (The First Kiss)/Seasons - 6,11
    137. Va-Hala - 6,07
    138. Sails - 5,96
            Variation On "Friends" - 5,95
    140. I'm Going Home - 5,85
    141. Thank You Mama - 5,84
    142. All The Way Down To El Paso - 5,83
    143. Hymn 2000 - 5,57
    144. Four Moods - 5,49
    145. Hay-Chewed - 5,43
            The Scaffold - 5,43
    147. I Meant to Do My Work Today (After All a Day in the Country) - 5,32
    148. Reprise - 4,87

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    Elton honors Prince with touching tribute
    Sunday, April 24 2016

    Elton was the latest star to pay tribute to Prince, the musical virtuoso whose untimely death on April 21, 2016 shocked the world.

    During his sold-out Caesars Palace show in Las Vegas on April 23, 2016, Elton took a moment to share some touching words about the music icon. He started by telling a story about a time he and Prince stayed at the same Vegas hotel. Elton would get up and leave the hotel around 8:15 a.m., just as the “Purple Rain” singer was getting home from partying the night away.

    He went on to acknowledge Prince’s talent, saying people like him “don’t come around very often. You were a purple warrior. We loved you. We salute you,” he said, before breaking into his song “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” as a slideshow of Prince images played on the stage.

    You can watch the video here.

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    Wonderful Crazy Year - Elton Fan Survey
    Sunday, April 24 2016

    Round 12 - week 17/2016 - Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy.

    With the release of "Wonderful Crazy Night" on February 5, 2016, we had kicked off our "Wonderful Crazy Year" during which we invite you to vote on all of Elton's recordings since the beginning of his career.

    Now the next poll is open and awaiting your votes. Simply click on the banner above to start voting.

    You can always check the results of the current and of previous polls. Please note, however, that this is currently limited to the first 100 votes. All votes past that are still being counted, they just don't show in the iterims result yet. When all votes are in for all the polls we have planned, we will present the full results taking into account all registered votes.

    Until then, you can always get in touch with Antti Honkasalo from Finland (visit him on Facebook), who is the brain behind "Wonderful Crazy Year". He will be able to share more details about the current results of the polls with those interested.

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    Elton "devastated" by Prince's death
    Thursday, April 21 2016

    Elton has paid an emotional tribute to Prince, who has died suddenly on April 21, 2016, aged 57.

    Elton said the "Purple Rain" singer was "musically way ahead of any of us," in a message on Instagram. "This is truly devastating news," he said, affectionately calling the late star "purple warrior" in reference to his favourite colour.

    "Sang with him twice on stage. What an honour", Elton continued. Below is a clip from Elton performing "The Long and Winding Road" with Prince at London's O2 Arena in September 2007.

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    Clean Bandit working with Elton
    Thursday, April 21 2016

    Dance group Clean Bandit say they have been in the studio with Elton, recording music for their second album.

    The collaboration came about after last year's Ivor Novello awards, where the group won two prizes. "We actually met Elton John at that show, and we've since been doing stuff with him, which has been crazy," said saxophone player Jack Patterson. "Grace [Chatto] wandered over to him, we were having a chat and the next thing we were in the studio. It was very surreal. A very odd day. He's very cheeky," Patterson added.

    Elton will reconvene with the band "next month" to finish their collaboration, Patterson said. It is not the star's first dalliance with a dance act. In 2012, he released a remix album, Good Morning To The Night, with Australian producers Pnau. "I love electronic music," Elton told the BBC at the time. "I love it to death - but I'm a Luddite and I don't know how to make electronic music."

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    The Sunday Times Rich List of music millionaires
    Thursday, April 21 2016

    Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell top the list again, with a joint fortune of £760m, which is up £30m from last year. New York native Shevell has her own fortune in the form of a £150mn stake in her father’s trucking business.

    “We obviously include composers like Lloyd Webber (in second position on the list with £715m) and Bernie Taupin at the bottom (49th position) who writes a lot of material with Elton John.”

    U2 share a worth of £500m, landing them in third position. Elton John is ranked fourth with his fortune of £280m. The Rolling Stones — Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood — have a combined fortune of £630m, making them the wealthiest band in Britain and Ireland.

    The Top 10 British and Irish richest performers:

    1. Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell £760m

    2. Andrew Lloyd-Webber £715m

    3. U2 £500m

    4. Elton John £280m

    5. Mick Jagger £235m

    6. Olivia and Dhani Harrison £220m

    6. Keith Richards £220m

    8. Ringo Starr £200m

    9. Michael Flatley £198m

    10. Sting £185m

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    Elton gives away £37m to top generosity list
    Sunday, April 17 2016

    Elton and JK Rowling have emerged as the most generous celebrities in The Sunday Times Giving List, with the wealthy this year making a record number of charitable donations each worth more than £1m.

    Almost a fifth (178) of the 1,000 people in The Sunday Times Rich List, to be published on April 17, 2016, have donated at least £1m to charity in the past year. In total, the wealthy have given away £2.66bn in the past 12 months Elton gave £26.8m in the past year, mostly to his Aids foundations in Britain and America.

    Rowling was second among the celebrity donors with £10.3m generated and donated by her two charities in the past year — the Lumos Foundation, which aims to end the institutionalising of children by 2050, and the Volant Charitable Trust, which focuses on research into multiple sclerosis, which claimed her mother’s life.

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    Watford captain Troy Deeney: "Elton phones me if we play well"
    Thursday, April 14 2016

    Watford captain Troy Deeney has revealed Elton offered him words of encouragement after Quique Sanchez Flores' side knocked Arsenal out of the FA Cup in March 2016.

    The Hornets travelled to the Emirates Stadium as underdogs but booked their place in the semi-finals of the competition courtesy of a memorable 2-1 victory. Goals from Odion Igahlo and Adlene Guedioura were enough to see off Arsene Wenger's side and prompted the famous musician to congratulate Deeney directly.

    "He's got my number and he'll give me a call if we've done well," Deeney told the Daily Mail. "When we beat Arsenal in the quarter-final he gave me a quick call and said, 'Well done, I’m buzzing for you'. It’s very surreal to have someone of that calibre speaking to me but Watford is massively dear to his heart."

    Elton is a lifelong Watford fan and has previously served as chairman at Vicarage Road, where he had a stand named after him in 2014. Watford have never won the FA Cup but came close in 1984, only to fall at the final hurdle against Everton.

    The Hornets face Crystal Palace in the last four this year but could meet the Toffees - who are set to take on Manchester United in the other semi-final - in another Wembley showpiece if they progress past Alan Pardew's side. And Deeney believes Elton will be in attendance if Watford's opponents do turn out to be the Merseysiders: "That was against Everton so there’s a chance we could re-enact that. "If we could meet Everton, I’m pretty sure Elton would be there," Deeney added.

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    Breast Cancer Research Hot Pink Party
    Thursday, April 14 2016

    Elton paid tribute to his late friend and his son’s godparent, Ingrid Sischy, at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation “Goes Wild” benefit at the Waldorf Astoria on April 12, 2016.

    “I would like to pay a tribute to Ingrid tonight by mentioning her, but for all the other people [affected], because she’d hate [being talked about]. She’d say she’s ‘just one of hundreds of thousands of millions of people in the world who’ve had this disease,’” he said before performing “Tiny Dancer” for the crowd that included La La Anthony, Bethenny Frankel, Domenico Vacca, Misty Copeland, Vera Wang and Donna Karan. The event raised over $6.8 million for research.

    “It’s because of this wonderful organization that every year puts on this event that raises money to go to the research ... to help people not have this disease anymore, and one day it will happen,” Elton said. “And so Ingrid didn’t die in vain. She died to help other people, and I love her and I miss her.”

    BCRF chairman Leonard A. Lauder named a research grant after Elton for his 15 years of working with the foundation.

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